At GreenGT, we have a comprehensive vision of the hydrogen ecosystem. We proudly introduce our expertise to address every aspect of the hydrogen value chain. From inception to implementation, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of hydrogen environment.


Our team of experts brings knowledge, tools and insights, ensuring that you harness the full potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy vector.
With a deep understanding of the physics and chemistry of hydrogen, GreenGT offer all-round technical support that encompass:

Modelisation & Simulation :
Proprietary tools for powertrain architecture and Energy Management System optimization.

Components & systems :
Close partnerships with a large supplier base for every individual component, whether it’s related to the stack, system or BoP.

Mechanical design & integration :
Best in-class FCS weight-volume ratios, custom integration in all vehicle platforms.

Control Software :
Model-based approach, in-house programming of FCCU and VCU. MIL, SIL and validation benches.

Electrical Harnesses :
From IO specifications to in-house manufacturing. 2D and 3D design, on-site routing, electrical validation with HIL capabilities.

Stack & System assembly & tests :
Stack, CVM and end-plate design. Circuit leak tests. Dedicated test bench for stack conditioning, and polarization curve measurements.

Hydrogen expertise in mobility in switzerland
expertise in hydrogen stacks in switzerland
Hydrogen expertise and electronics
Hydrogen expertise in switzerland


With a proven track record in hydrogen project implementation, GreenGT is uniquely positioned to guide your initiatives.

Expertise :
Our PhDs, engineers and mechanics deep understanding of hydrogen technologies, suppliers and applications goes beyond datasheets.

Experience :
Benefit from our proven track record of successful engagements in the hydrogen domain, demonstrating our ability to navigate the complexities in this evolving market.

Tailoring :
We customize our tools to offer solutions that address your specific needs, considering the unique aspects of your business, technology, and market positioning.

Proximity :
Our close connection to customers enables us to truly understand your context, facilitating effective collaboration.