At GreenGT, we are at the forefront of driving the hydrogen revolution, and our expertise goes beyond hydrogen powertrains. We proudly introduce our comprehensive consulting solutions tailored to address every aspect of the hydrogen value chain. From inception to implementation, we are your trusted partner.


Our team of experts brings knowledge, tools and insights, ensuring that you harness the full potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy vector. With a deep understanding of the hydrogen ecosystem, we offer end-to-end consulting solutions that encompass:

Strategy Development :
Feed your Strategy Development with our technical insights and broad industry knowledge, aligning your goals with market dynamics.

Feasibility Studies :
Our Feasibility Studies provide a comprehensive evaluation, analyzing technical and financial viability, to guide your informed decision-making and KPI definition.

Technology Evaluation and Selection :
Make informed decisions about hydrogen technologies. We provide in-depth assessments of available options and suppliers, helping you choose the most suited solutions. 

Support for contracting authorities :
Our experts assist the project owner in defining the objectives and planning of the project, providing guidance and expertise from the initial concept onward through the various stages of implementation.

Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking :
Our comprehensive approach includes implementing instrumentation, interpreting data, and conducting comparative assessments against similar systems and industry-leading standards.

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With a proven track record in hydrogen project implementation, GreenGT is uniquely positioned to guide your initiatives.

Expertise :
Our PhDs, engineers and mechanics deep understanding of hydrogen technologies, suppliers and applications goes beyond datasheets.

Experience :
Benefit from our proven track record of successful engagements in the hydrogen domain, demonstrating our ability to navigate the complexities in this evolving market.

Tailoring :
We customize our tools to offer solutions that address your specific needs, considering the unique aspects of your business, technology, and market positioning.

Proximity :
Our close connection to customers enables us to truly understand your context, facilitating effective collaboration.